From Cold Case to Gold Case

From Cold Case to Gold Case shows you how to translate an idea into a compelling case study film. The author Peter Ampe combines fifteen years of jury experience with sharp analyses of award-winning cases. This guide is based on the vital insight that case study films have a lot in common with short movies. You will learn how to go from copywriter to screenwriter and use plot, genre and structure to evolve from complacent to compelling, from messy to seamless – from case to story. This step-by-step guide provides an essential tool for every advertising professional to make better case study films.

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Peter Ampe (1966) has a Master Degree in Linguistics and Literary Studies. To date his track record includes the highest accolades in about every major international award show, among them 43 Cannes Lions Awards and 14 effie awards. During the last decade, Peter has been a respected member of the Global Creative Boards of the networks Publicis, DDB and Grey. Peter is currently creative partner at FamousGrey.

“The case studies for awards shows are mini- documentaries about the ideas and results of the greatest ideas in our industry. This book rightly acknowledges their impor-tance, and the role they play in telling the stories of how creativity drives business, growth and change.” 

— Philip Thomas, 
Chairman, Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity