Virtual Strike.

Advertisers? We love ‘em! Without them, we couldn’t do what we were born to do: advertise! And we sure do love to compete. But unpaid pitches between more than a dozen agencies at a time? It was clear that the financial crisis was killing the industry in more ways than one. 


ACC’s president responded to the situation with an open letter designed to make the rules of engagement clear for all parties. But how to promote such a thing? Posting a complaint to your own Facebook wall isn’t exactly going to generate a lot of buzz (let alone biz) on the internet. 

What we did.

And so, we came up with the suggestion of organizing a virtual strike. No march down Rue de la Loi in offensive clothing. No, that’s not quite our style. But a web-based petition where agencies could add their signature to the cause? That sounded more up our alley. Complete with a piece of opt-in code that allowed fellow strikers to automatically replace part of their own home page with an excerpt from the open letter. Talk about solidarity! 

What we got.

When the going gets tough, the tough stick together. The collective show of strength reminded everyone what we’re here for: to create the best work that generates the best results for our clients. And with the rules of the game back to the top of mind, everyone could get back to business as usual. Surely a win-win situation!