Athletes “Under Construction”.

London 2012! The Games of the XXX Olympiad! And Belgium crossed the channel homeward bound with a near record medal tally in tow! And yet, almost everyone involved had the feeling we could have done even better. And so the Flemish, French and German-speaking communities joined forces with the Belgian Olympic and Interfederal Committee to develop an intensive programme aimed at identifying potential Olympic athletes early, and developing their talents on the road to gold.

Be Gold is as Be Gold does!


Despite the divisions that might exist between the communities in Belgium, there is nothing quite like sport to inspire national solidarity. And so with the obvious need to broaden the scope of sports development throughout the country, the three communities and the national BOIC approached us as a united front, looking for ways to put young, promising athletes in the national spotlight. 

What we did.

Well, we can relate to that here at Famous. Because we love a good challenge and love to go the extra mile, especially for our fellow comrades. And so we came racing out of the blocks with an inspiring campaign for aspiring young champions: under the name of “Under Construction”.

What we got.

The poster campaign succeeded in putting the Olympic dreams of Arnaud (pole vault), Johanna (gymnastics), Barbara (hockey) and 500 other young athletes out in the public domain. While showing how the Be Gold development programme was increasing their chances of making it to the top of their respective disciplines. Only time will tell how much the hard work will pay off. But we, in any case, have a good feeling they’re off to the best possible start.