A stutterer becomes a professional radio voice-over.

1 out of 100 Belgians stutters. Needless to say, stuttering has a huge impact on both their social ànd professional life. But still, the Belgian Association of stutterers claim stuttering can be overcome. And we didn’t just say that, we actually proved it.

What we did.

As radio is the perfect medium to prove our point, we coached someone who stutters to become a professional radio voice over. After a month of intense coaching, we presented him in castings to different clients. Until he was chosen to be the voice over in a radio campaign for the national lottery.
After each spot from the National Lottery broadcasted, people heard a personal message from the stutterer in a 15” tag-on.
“Hello, I’m Jordy. You just heard me as a radio voice over in a commercial for the National Lottery. This seemed easy, but believe me, it wasn’t. Because i’ve been a stutterer for almost 25 years. Discover my story on overwinstotteren.be
On the website people could discover a short documentary about Jordy.The Belgian Association of stutters now use radio commercials as a real excercice technique to teach stutters how to talk again.

Jordy is now a voice over and still gets presented to clients in castings