Beavers are underrated stars in tv commercials.

Connoisseurs do prefer Chaudfontaine. After the lobster and the octopus, it's the beaver's turn. Their love for Chaudfontaine goes that far, they would do anything to steal is from men.


The saga of the aquatic animals continues. With this spot, we wanted to show that the animals, the connoisseurs, really do anything to steal the water from the people.

Other important elements we had to cover :

  • show presence in catering (especially for the Netherlands)
  • show green environment, showing the natural origin of the water

What we did.

We made a tv commercial, tackling all these issues and proving in a fun way what "Connoisseurs prefer Chaudfontaine" really stands for.

The commercial was post-tested and scored well with a very high likeability score within our target group.