Airpops is a new range of crisps aimed at families and young children. These crisps aren't cooked in oil but are 'popped' under extreme high pressure and temperature, thus containing nearly 70% less fat than traditional crisps.


Shortly after their launch in the USA, popped crisps became a big hit. Since Belgian crisp lovers also wanted their version, Croky took action. They didn't just want to copy those American crisps, they wanted to offer a version properly fitted for Belgian and Dutch consumers. Adapted to their needs and taste. After many try-outs, tests and further optimizations, the product was ready to market and needed proper backing: name, introduction campaign, packaging, POS,… everything from A to Z, apart from the crisps.

What we did.

We worked on different aspects:

  1. We came up with the name and a suitable look and feel for this name
  2. Packaging for the three different tastes, taking the values 'fun, family and parrot' into account
  3. Communication via TV commercial and pr approach
  4. Material to fully support the product on the point of sales

The product launch was a succes in Belgium and the Netherlands. It was well received by both consumers and distributors.