Packaging and TV: it's a wrap.

Croky was looking for a new, relevant brand positioning in the crisps market. We wanted Croky to be fun, down to earth and not taking themselves too seriously, focussing on families with kids. This lead to the current 'We want Croky' baseline, which stands for the need to share a packet of crisps. 

The new packaging was the first step in bringing Croky back to its place amongst the other big crisps brands, in Belgium and the Netherlands. This was swiftly followed with new, short tv commercials in order to boost brand awareness.


The new Croky look and feel had to fit with the new style. It had to be fun, dynamic, aimed at families with kids, have the parrot as icon and shouldn't be brutal.

What we did.

Eye-catching packaging needed to make sure people would notice us in the shelves. Fun tv commercials made sure Croky would be noticed in the commercial blocks, since the parrots were the central characters, introducing all the flavors in a fun and cool manner.

What we got.

A successful launch in Belgium and the Netherlands. The packaging make-over was done in different phases. We first changed the 'flat crisps' basic range and systematically adapted the other packaging into the same visual style, over a period of three years. The most recent example being the Airpops.

The market share of Croky has increased during the past few years, although it will without a doubt remain a challenger when compared to Lay's.

The campaign was a great introduction of the new look and feel. The TV commercials with the parrots still score very well.