For a start some background info on the brand: Buzzy is De Lijn's youth brand and Buzzy Pazz is the name of the youth season ticket. We created Buzzy Net, a route planner perfectly fit for the needs of the youth. We don't want to brag about it, but it really is the easiest route planner there is because of its easiness of use:

  • no need to enter entire addresses, just the name is perfect 
  • Facebook events are automatically imported in the map
  • routes can be shared with friends


Buzzy Pazz is well known amongst youth, but mostly they associate the ticket with travelling on crowded buses. from school to home and back. Not the finest destination and not the best experience at all. We wanted to stimulate them to use the bus for other destinations and change the experience into a positive one, ultimately turning youth into fans.

What we did.

Make traveling by bus or tram as easy as possible. Take away all barriers by informing them as good as possible of everything there is to know about the journey: departure times, bus routes,  exact locations of stops, etc. A simple user interface, completely tailor made for youth: Buzzy Net

This platform had three distinct advantages:

  1. you could make your own profile and add friends or favorite places. when logging in via Facebook, you import your Facebook events. As a result, you can immediately see which bus or tram leaves first to get to your friend or favorite location.
  2. you can share and save routes
  3. no need to enter entire addresses, just simple location as 'Kinepolis Leuven'

As a result, Buzzy Net really helps youth doing what they like most: have fun and not wasting time doing so. Giving a positive bus or tram experience.

Once used, people stop using other route planners. Daily used by hundreds of youth.


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Test the new Buzzy Website

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Try out this website, pass it along to sons, daughters, nephews and nieces and ask them for their experiences.

I've tried it and loved it. Finally a user friendly website. Google maps makes it even better: that way, I can see where exactly I arrive by bus. Well done, I liked it that much that I shared it on Facebook.

Monpie, woman 62 years old