Green Mobizone.

Comodality is the future of environmentally-friendly urban mobility. Which is why we came up with a campaign to show people just how green and mobile De Lijn’s “Green Mobizones” really are.


De Lijn’s comodal Green Mobizones are the ideal solution for urban transport. They group together a range of efficient and effective modes of transport from bus and tram to train, Cambio and city bike. But sadly, too many of us still choose to ignore these sustainable alternatives and take the car instead. The average Flemish commuter, it seems, was going to take some convincing!

What we did.

And so we decided to get up close and personal with the 16,408 residents of De Lijn’s 22 Green Mobizones in Flanders. With a personalised card. But not just any card. One printed in poster format! With simple directions leading from each and every resident’s very own doorstep to their nearest alternative mobility solution: train, tram, bus, city bike or Cambio, depending on the particulars of the zone in question. A range of options, in other words, all within walking distance and all visible at a single glance.

As part of the direct mailing campaign, residents could sign up for a personalised trial to test the various mobility options available. A few simple clicks on were enough to get them on their way. 

  • 1.566 registrations
  • 569 opt-ins
  • 9.5% response rate

What we got.

Maybe it was the overwhelmingly convincing advantage for the consumer? Or the highly personalised message? Whatever it was, this particular direct mailer campaign delivered an incredibly high opt-in rate. A creative campaign that succeeded in winning a significant number of commuters to the cause while putting De Lijn’s role as a provider of sustainable mobility solutions well and truly in the spotlight. It’s how we roll!