Outsmarting fare evaders.

To stop tech savvy fare evaders from abusing the SMS ticketing platform, De Lijn uses a system where SMS tickets are delivered with a small delay. This way the inspectors are one step ahead of the fare-beaters who only buy their ticket when the inspector is heading their way. 

On zwartrijden.be you can take a look behind the scenes of T.T.T ( Technological Ticketing Technics ), the company that developed this state of the art delay technology.

How does it work ?

The system delivers your SMS tickets with a slight delay. People who pay their ticket using their mobile phones send an SMS requesting a ticket. They immediately receive a first confirmation SMS with the following text: "Thank you for buying an SMS ticket. Your ticket will be delivered within 60 seconds and is valid from the time of delivery. Buy your SMS ticket before you get on the bus."

This way the inspectors can immediately identify who bought their SMS ticket on the bus. If you can only show the confirmation SMS and not the actual ticket, you bought your ticket too late and had no intention to pay.


Take a look behind the scenes of Technological Ticketing Technics: