Say no to stress.

A lot of people stick to their car and use it all the time to go shopping, to go for a few drinks or to do a cultural excursion. They seem to ignore the difficulties they face: hard to find and expensive parking space, the need to keep an eye on the time in order to avoid parking tickets and (even worse) stress in traffic.

Thanks to the multitude of routes, the bus lanes and the fact you don't need to park, De Lijn is a great alternative for the car if you want to visit a town or city without car stress.


We would like people to contemplate using De Lijn instead of their car: it's cheap and it brings you just where you need to be. You have no stress when you take public transport so you arrive relaxed in the city.

What we did.

For a start, we wanted to give car stress a face by creating the 'Stressman'. A very cute, human and stressed-out character representing the internal stress of car drivers. Stressman was launched via a tv commercial which became an instant hit. In a second phase, Stressman got an online follow-up. 

In that phase, we asked car drivers to get even more stressful in their cars by downloading the special and funny Stressman gps commands. Or, even better, they could leave all stress aside and ask for a free pass with which they can try out bus or tram for once and see how convenient it really is.

In humouristic radiospots we further increased awareness of bus and tram as valid solutions for problems people encounter when traveling to the city. 


What we got.

The campaign was a great success, it clearly touched the people. On social media, the campaign was a highly discussed topic. A lot of 'Stressman gps voices' were downloaded but most importantly, over 20 000 trial passes were downloaded.