Memories last more than a lifetime.

Dela, the Dutch funeral insurance group, is founded on the principle of “sharing each other’s burdens”. And the positively stirring TV campaign we developed very much revolves around that central tenet. It incites people, namely, to consider funeral insurance not as a way of preparing for death, but as an opportunity to build a legacy. And to ensure that we only leave the best memories behind. 


It is commonly accepted that we all have to go sometime. Yet when it comes to contemplating our own death, the human psyche has an uncanny ability to ignore that basic fact of life. And so when we were approached to help add substance to the Dela brand, it was going to take all their creativity to pull through.

What we did.

We were therefore determined to avoid conventional shock tactics from the outset. And while the resultant TV campaign is still very emotionally engaging, it steers clear of any attempt to confront viewers with their own mortality. Instead, we chose to tackle the issue from a different perspective. One which viewers were more likely to identify with: namely that of those left behind. From there, it is a much smaller step to induce viewers to reflect on how they themselves wish to be remembered. 

It was crucial to create an atmosphere within the TV spots that was as far removed from conventional ‘advertising’ as possible. Which is why Dela opted for 50” long spots with a distinct film-like quality. With that aim in mind, we approached the renowned film director, Hans Van Nuffel who made an exception in accepting this unconventional brief. And the results, we believe, are well and truly worth remembering. 

What we got.

Dela’s stirring TV campaign created shock waves throughout the media and beyond. Most importantly, it gave Dela a clear brand image in the marketplace and generated clearly measurable commercial results.