CEO Rodeo.

Delta Lloyd Life wanted to become more attractive as an employer and generate job interviews with an employer branding campaign. Key message was simple: come and work for Delta Lloyd Life because you'll get the opportunity to grow.


Sadly, as an insurance company, Delta Lloyd Life has the image of a grey and old company although in real, it's dynamic and modern. They have a very small structure and they stimulate their workers to take initiatives. Delta Lloyd Life is an ambitious company. This entrepreneurship is the biggest asset they want to emphasize in the campaign.

Apart from this, they want to motivate the Delta Lloyd Life workers and make them as brand ambassadors.

What we did.

Jan Van Autreve, Delta Lloyd Life's CEO climbed the ladder in a couple of years' time. At 39, he proves that talented people with ambition have all chances to develop their careers at Delta Lloyd Life. 

People who apply for a job at Delta Lloyd can expect a great career. This insight was translated in the key message "Will you be the next CEO?"

We developed CEO Rodeo, a mechanical bull where the bull was replaced with Jan Van Autreve's office chair. That way, job applicants could immediately see whether or not they could be CEO, and stay in the chair.

The action was announced in an online film where the CEO asked people to do better than himself.

We couldn't be missed.

Job fairs and train stations were no longer safe: the CEO Rodeo was everywhere, looking for that one person who staid longest in the chair. That person won an iPad and a cheque for specific education.

All movies could be viewed on the website, where people could immediately apply for a vacant job or do a spontaneous job application.

  • 621

    participants on the rodeo

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    out of 12 employees took part

  • 32410

    website visits

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    job applications

  • 41820

    euro generated media value