Never too old to learn.

A study by our client Delta Lloyd showed that being active makes pensioners happier, that pensioners want to contribute to society. Since we want happy pensioners and happy clients, we knew we had to do something with this information.

By launching Zilverstage / Stage sans Age, we offered pensioners the chance to do an internship. This offers them possibilities to learn and discover new things. The young and dynamic companies benefit from a new and fresh look on things by pensioners. Double win.    


Pensioners are asking for a more active role in society. They want to share their knowledge and experience. On October 1st, the National Day of the Pensioners, our client wanted to stimulate the pension debate and claim their expertise in this field. 

What we did.

The base was a website where pensioners submit themselves as potential interns and young companies as providers of internships. Old interns in a new type of internship.  

In order to realize this, we got full support of the minister of pensions, who made such internships possible. We needed an inspiring example for employers and future interns: so we recruited two interns and linked them with employers at the start of the campaign. Malou started at fashion channel Belmodo and Jean-Louis in the film industry at Eye-Lite. 

A case movie based on the experiences of Malou and Jean-Louis was created. This was the perfect example we could share with journalists, bloggers, etc…

The project was announced in a press conference on World Pensioners Day, in Brussels' famous "Pension Tower". From the reports of the interns and the companies, we drafted the Silver Note

  • 138K unique visitors
  • 254 pensioners who volunteered
  • 38 companies offered internship
  • 26 candidates were selected and matched
  • 2,2M euro generated media value