The Experience Handover.

Due to their lack of work experience, a lot of young people have difficulties in finding jobs. This is sad. Certainly because each year, loads of work experience is lost when people go on pension.

Obviously, that experience could benefit those young people. What if we could link the generation with a problem with a generation that holds the solution? 

Delta Lloyd Life presents: the Experience Handover. An online platform stimulating starters and stoppers to get in touch with each other and pass on the job experience.


These days, young people have more difficulties in finding jobs when compared to the situation baby boomers faced. Unemployment has been at high rates, jobs are hard to find, employers seek people with experience… How can you find a job without experience?

The generation that is on the verge of retirement, has loads of experience. Experience and knowledge which literally exits the market place.

Challenge; how can we help the new generation? And how can we valorize an entire older generation?

What we did.

On the International Day of the Elderly, Delta Lloyd Life launched - together with her partners - "The Experience Handover".

This online platform brings together the young and older generation, so they can exchange information and experience during one month in real life. This helps one generation finding jobs and the other generation in going on pension with a great feeling.

The purpose of the platform is to find the ideal matches between the registered stoppers and starters. This platform was announced via radio, emails and an online campaign.


What we got.

The campaign was launched on October 1st. Immediately after the press launch, we not only obtained national coverage on the most important radio stations and in press. We also received several requests for radio- and TV-reportages to be recorded/shooted at the moment the handover of experience between young and old would start. Also on Twitter, Facebook, and on blogs, ‘The Experience Handover’ was talk of the town. 

The project was supported by the Minister of Work and Belgium’s most important organizations when it comes to the labour market (VDAB, Le Forem, Business & Society, VOKA, UWE,…). 

In a very short period of time, more than 50 000 people visited the site, resulting in 2276 starters and 100 stoppers to sign in. In the first three weeks alone, over 70 matches were made.