End of year.

It has become a tradition: each year-end, Electrabel wishes the best to everyone in an emotional way, full of energy. In 2012, we developed a new concept to revitalize Electrabel's promise: 'You've got the energy'.

What we did.

This year we had to create emotional feel good and an experience of positive energy to demonstrate the emotional value of energy.

We let two boys play and interact with led lights on a giant screen, creating a positive feeling by emphasizing people's energy, emotions and actions. Emotions and energy appeared in a spectacular way on the giant screen illuminating the whole scene. The led wall was built on a square in Ghent (De Kouter) and the commercial was a live shooting with the two boys interacting, creating fun and magic for them and the passers-by.

What we got.

The Electrabel end of year commercial had a positive effect on the brand and brought magic and fun to the screens in a contemporary way.

There was a very good recognition of the campaign, even though this was a new one. High scores for a first wave:

  • recognition: 79%
  • effectivity score: 61%
  • likeability: 7,5