This campaign started off as a product campaign around energy saving in March 2012. It introduced new innovative products to help customers control and manage energy consumption. Thanks to its popularity and strong results, the creative concept was used to communicate other messages.


The energy market is getting commoditized with price being the only argument in choice between providers. As market leader, Electrabel wanted to draw attention to energy consumption and help consumers with real tools to control their consumption. By introducing the 'smart energy products', the campaign had to position Electrabel as an innovative and caring partner, looking after the customer's needs.

What we did.

We introduced bad boy Kito, the energy consuming dog, to address the issue of energy consumption in a friendly, sympathetic and funny way. Smart energy products helping customers to control their energy consumption en from a distance.

Persistent price dominance made Electrabel decide to decrease its prices and strongly communicate around it. The Kito concept was used to bring this message whilst capitalizing on the sympathy the dog created.


What we got.

The campaign scored very well from the start on recognition, brand attribution, likeability ans message takeout and became the best scoring Electrabel campaign. The first commercial (Smart Energy Box) made it to 'most popular commercial' of 2012, despite the difficult situation of the brand. Also, the sequels keep on scoring strong results in terms of communication and brand impact, influencing positively the brand satisfaction, loyalty and trust.


In a difficult context the Kito campaign, succeeds in pleasing customers and helps Electrabel to further build and strengthen the bond with its customers. The dog evolved from being the main character in a commercial to an icon for the brand. He even became a celebrity, generating a lot of free press.