If cat reproduction is not limited, cats reproduce no less than 36 kittens in just 16 months. 12 000 abandoned cats need to be sterilized each year. GAIA feels the government's introduced 'Cat Plan' isn't a definitive solution. Long term measurements like mandatory sterilization are needed. Time to act.


In short term, we wanted all cats in shelters to find a new home as soon as possible. In the long run, we needed to raise awareness with the government and the broad public that mandatory sterilization is an absolute necessity. The current 'Cat Plan' doesn't guarantee this.

What we did.

Internet loves cats. That's why we transformed popular chatting website Chatroulette into the perfect medium for cat adoption: Catroulette. A website that works like chatroulette, but instead of meeting chatters, you get to meet abandoned cats from the shelters, up for adoption.

If you "next" a cat, you may never see it again. By showing how many times a cat was "nexted", pressing the next button becomes a real heartbreaker. If you fall in love with the cat, you can adopt on the spot… after sterilization of course.

Obviously, you need to get in touch with the shelter, where you can adopt the cat after you've been approved as a good animal caretaker.

What we got.

In a matter of hours, campaign took off on social media and major blogs like Mashable, Laughing Squid. It featured on several news broadcasts, newspapers and radio programs. The government started a debate to find long term solutions.

More importantly, all cats from participating shelters found a new home. We received multiple requests from cat shelters in France and Russia, who want to implement cat roulette in their country.