Hundreds of thousands of ducks and thousands of goose are force fed in order to make foie gras. In France, that's even 40 million ducks and a couple of millions of goose who are mistreated. The production causes a lot of pain:

  • they are force fed with a metal tube down their throat, pumping about a quarter of their body weight… twice a day, for 12 days
  • at the end of this period of being force fed, their liver is ten times bigger than normal, pressing against lungs and causing them to gasp for air
  • each time they are force fed, they suffer from a thermic shock: they gasp for air in order to drop their bodily temperature

GAIA stands up against this torture and presents the plant based "Faux Gras by GAIA" as a valid alternative.


People are aware of the animal cruelty, but for some reason they seem to find an excuse for not acting accordingly. Those who buy do it for the taste, tradition or even because they saw on a cooking programme on TV and think it's chique. Those who eat, do it because they like it or because they don't want to be rude an refuse.

Not everybody knows "Faux Gras by Gaia" as alternative.

What we did.

We made a tv commercial with very moving images and broadcasted it in prime time. Asides this, we actively pushed Faux Gras in different food channels such as supermarkets, food fairs, recipe folders etc.