For animals, against fur.

Each year in Belgium, about 150 000 minks are raised in farms for their fur. Locked in small dirty cages, most of them display neurotic and aggressive behavior before finishing in some jacket or shoe. People don't realize an animal died because of their tasteless taste. 

GAIA wanted to draw attention to this cruelty and wanted a ban on these mink farms in Belgium.

What we did.

Even the slightest bit of fur is too much, these animals shouldn't be used for our sense (or lack) of taste. This was translated in strong visuals that ran in magazines, newspapers and outdoor. The general public could sign an online petition, by simply pulling out a hair of one of the politicians, thus increasing pressure on them to actually do something.

More than 6000 people signed the petition and in the near future, a law will be voted, actually banning the mink breeding programs.