Ritual Slaughter is no laughter

Each day, hundreds of animals are ritually slaughtered in abattoirs. This happens mostly unanesthetised because Belgian and European law make an exception for jewish and islamic rites. They don't have to anesthetize although in all other cases this is obliged.

Mosty, this is painless for the animals if it's properly done by professionals, but this is rarely the case. Sometimes the throat of the animal is slit with a blunt knife resulting in a long death throes.

GAIA believes unanesthetised slaughtering should be forbidden. They do not want to get into the ritual debate but believe these slaughterings should be painless and ask politicians to cancel the exceptions to the rule.

Target of this campaign are Belgian politicians. We wanted them to reconsider the current law.

What we did.

We made a radio commercial with a sheep who is testifying its transport to the slaughter house. He realizes what will happen, the pain of being slaughtered without anesthesia.

This was backed up with a mailing to 219 politicians who received the commercial on a USB stick. 

What we got.

We got huge press coverage and even a complaint by the ASA and the Center of Equal opportunities and Fight against Racism with this result.