4 Jupilers, a coke, eeumh… and an app please.

Jupiler is Belgium's most popular beer brand. They wanted to help you when you place an order for you and your friends at the bar. So you don't need your memory, a coaster and a pen.

When you ask your friends what they want to drink, they can now simply tap the drinks in the menu where you can also customize your drinks. When the order is ready, you get a simple overview. No more mistakes at the bar again. And if the bartender doesn't notice you, the whistle will certainly help.

What we did.

At the time, not a lot of brands had mobile apps. Jupiler wanted to score on mobile devices and be present in the pubs.

The Bartender app was released during the summer of 2010, with plenty of opportunities to try it out when having a few drinks on terraces. It was released for iPhone, since Android was still too small at the time and announced online via jupiler.be/jupiler.nl and on 150 000 beer coasters in the form of an iPhone.

During the first week, the app was the most downloaded free iPhone app in Belgium and Holland.