Luc Tuymans works for us.

VRT launched a new platform for culture: With a rich offer of images, sound and text, it will become a true meeting point for the cultural sector, the media user and the Klara program makers.

The launch was a true milestone for the VRT's cultural plans. Together with the enrichment that digital offered on top of radio and tv (Canvas+ being an example), brings an extra layer of content on top of the programs the VRT was producing.

How can we get the general public to know this existed?

What we did.

Instead of making another commercial, we did an experiment with visual arts. Since art tends to be restricted to specific places (musea, theaters,…) we wanted to find out if art would have a place outside these contexts. Would people notice a painting if it were painted on the streets?

We asked Luc Tuymans to draw a wallpainting in complete confidentiality, in Antwerp. Once finished, reactions were filmed with a hidden camera. Only 4% of the passers-by noticed the painting! Moral of the story: check before you walk by a painting by a world class artist.