Feel the Difference.

Marie Jo is the favorite lingerie brand of the Flemish women and wants to establish itself also abroad as a premium brand. How can we conquer a unique spot in the well filled (no pun intended) market of iconic French labels and sensual fashion campaigns?

Lingerie is more than just a piece of textile, women know that perfectly. According to us, Marie Jo can claim a very special place in women's life; that of booster of confidence.


With Marie Jo, Vandevelde is facing a big international challenge: claiming a place in the hearts (and market) of UK, French, German and Dutch lingerie stylists and in a broader sense, the women.

In order to do get on the list of consideration, we must differentiate the brand from the well known French luxurious brands and justify our premium cost. 

What we did.

The essence of our work laid within the product quality. Marie Jo creates lingerie with an unknown level of quality. With R&D processes taking over 18 months of development in order to create a new bra, they don't want to take a single risk and deliver the top of the notch in comfort in a luxurious and fashionable model. Women know this isn't marketing talk. The enthusiastic stories of customers are numerous.

The physical and mental comfort resulting from wearing such perfect lingerie as Marie Jo makes a women very confident. Showing your body at its finest, fitting your style and feeling just perfect. It's something the people around you notice, even if they never get to see your lingerie.

We felt that as a quality lingerie brand, Marie Jo could claim this effect perfectly. After all, in advertising, telling the truth is the best strategy.

This resulted in an assertive new campaign with a sensual, confident woman shining in her role. Signed with the Marie Jo claim: Feel the Difference.


Completely different from the competitors' campaigns, Marie Jo enters the international lingerie market with an assertive statement. An invite to experience the unique feeling of perfect lingerie and the effect it has on your charisma, your 'glow'.

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I'm an unconditional Marie Jo fan, an extra ordinary lingerie brand that makes me feel splendid, feminine and so sophisticated.

Tassia16, woman, 28 years old