The real deal.

For most people, a holiday represents the most important 2 weeks of the year. At Neckermann, they do everything to make damn sure they’re the best 2 weeks of the year! And who better to get that message across than the people who make it happen every day?


Everybody already knows Neckermann can’t be beaten on price. Unfortunately, however, not everyone always equates great value with great quality. The client was therefore looking for ways to show how both come together in the unforgettable experience of a Neckermann holiday.

What we did.

All we really needed to do, in other words, was show our target audience the truth about Neckermann. Which is why we decided to use ordinary employees instead of actors. The same people whose passion, enthusiasm and dedication is the best guarantee for the best possible holiday. The resultant TV ad emphasised the quality aspect of Neckermann’s image, while a parallel radio campaign reinforced the price point story.

What we got.

The campaign scored top marks for likability across the boards. But most importantly, it also generated massive and direct response across Neckermann’s sales channels. In fact Neckermann succeeded in stemming the flow and actually growing its market share against the trend of a shrinking tour operator market.