A helping hand for young mums.

If you’ve never done it before – but even if you have – pregnancy and the parenting that often follows can be a pretty daunting enterprise. Which is why Nutricia wanted to stand by young (would-be) mums with more than just a range of great products. But also with a range of useful information, handy tips and helpful advice. And us? Well, we did the rest!


Nutricia, the brand behind such highly successful products as Nutrilon, Olvarit and Bambix, came to us in search of ways of emerging from behind their products and engaging their consumers as a unified brand. More than just a producer, they wanted to become a genuine partner of (future) mums, already during the early stages of their pregnancy. 

What we did.

The answer? More regular communication, more meaningful interaction and deeper engagement with the target group from the very beginning. We developed an integrated communication platform that allowed Nutricia to reach out to (future) mothers. A series of e-mailings and paper direct mailers, written from the point of view of nutrition experts Lien and Aline were adapted to the relevant stage of pregnancy or age of the child with useful information, relevant product offers, discount coupons, etc. 

What we got.

The heightened communication and relevant content ensure Nutricia plays a very prominent role in the pregnancy of their future consumers. So that, by the time of the birth, young mothers will know exactly who they can trust for their baby food products.