Don’t sign what you don’t understand.

It’s surprising how many people are prepared to agree to terms and conditions they’ve never even read, let alone understand. And the same even goes for life-changing contracts and title deeds where very fine print can have very large consequences down the road. So to emphasise the fact that lawyers can help – long before you actually get into trouble – we decided to speak to the target group in their own language (or not, as it turns out).  


From your first rental contract to buying your first home, from negotiating an employment contract to planning retirement, from having kids to managing your estate and inheritance and yes, sadly, from marriage to divorce… Different people – at different stages of their lives – need lawyers for very different things. And for those not fluent in legalese, it can all – quite literally – seem like Chinese! Which is why the Flemish Bar Association chose to speak plainly with a series of targeted ads to promote the confidential, independent and specialist advice and services of its members.

What we did.

As a result, more Chinese was heard on the Belgian radio waves and intertubes during the campaign than ever before, emphasising the importance of sound legal advice before putting pen to paper or ticking that opt-in box online. A separate approach for each age group revolved around the typical issues they can be confronted with and capped off with the all-important message: “A Laywer: Better sooner than later” (“Advocaat: Beter vroeg dan laat”). 


What we got.

The campaign succeeded in driving home the message that lawyers are there to help with a whole range of things even, and most importantly, before they become a problem. With sound and timely advice, specialised knowledge and priceless experience that can save you a whole lot of time, money and heartache in the end. A lawyer: better sooner than later!