I want a divorce

The Orde van Vlaamse Balies (advocaat.be) ensures that every citizen has sufficient chances to assert his/her rights in the correct fashion. It closely follows the legislation that may have consequences for the justice system and the daily work of the lawyers, as well as entering into dialogue with the government. 

It’s imperative that people in search of judicial assistance can find the help they need as effortlessly as possible.

The Briefing

Orde van Vlaamse Balies used to communicate top down, using radio as their main channel for creating awareness. Due to the unmeasurable nature of this traditional channel, they required to switch their focus to a quantifiable way of working to show clear results to their stakeholders. 

The Solution

We changed their way of communicating and installed an inbound content strategy. In collaboration with Google Belgium we conducted research to find out the most frequently asked judicial questions companies and people have. 

This resulted in carefully selected content, divided into 22 themes like Intellectual Property, Contracts, Bankruptcies and others. 

In each content piece, the role and advantages of a lawyer were clearly laid out so people could convert by searching for a lawyer in their specific field of interest. 

Next we generated qualitative traffic, mainly through SEO optimization and precisely targeted SEA. This enabled us to make the switch from awareness to traffic and conversion

The Results

were smashing.

With a minimum of paid media spent, 218.000 unique users consulted our content in 2018.
11% (!) of those visitors looked up a lawyer after consuming the content. We reported a 60% rise in unique users compared to 2017. Not through increasing the media budget but through optimization of the ads and content.

Not only did we see great results, we achieved our ambition of informing people in need of legal assistance and connecting them to a relevant expert to guide them.