Social Media Judge

De Orde van Vlaamse Balies wants to draw attention to one of the most important foundations of our democratic legal system, namely that every citizen is always entitled to defence by an independent lawyer. To succeed, FamousGrey devised an awareness campaign on Facebook. This holds up a mirror to the Belgians and literally and figuratively gives a face to the comments on social media: the Social Media Judge.

In online videos, the 3D-printed artificial "intelligent" judge confronts the defendants in a confrontational way and relies on what people write on social media.

A creative technological exploit.

The Social Media Judge is a physical installation, 3D printed in one piece in white nylon via selective laser sintering with a matte finish and a texture like stone. The material itself is translucent which makes the statue look like real marble. The statue is equipped with intelligent software, able to respond on various legislative themes with real (and often confronting) social media comments.

When spoken to, the Social Media Judge wakes up and opens his eyes, twinkling and searching for comments by scanning social media mentions based on keywords. With speech to text software (to understand what is being said to him) and text to speech software (to be able to respond with social media comments) he then opens his mouth and passes judgement, enlighting the social media icons in his beard.

The result.

The Social Media Judge played a central role in a debate with Paul Bekaert, Fernand Ceuleneer, Hans De Waele, Catherine Van De Heyning en Georges Martyn, moderated by Fatma Taspinar. Answering with real social media comments regarding the topics of the debate. 

He was also inserted as main character on a series of social media videos to accounce the debate and the public message.