Cats are people, too.

Cats – to their owners – are as much a part of the family as anyone else! So why shouldn’t they be entitled to receive meal vouchers like anyone else? This clever mailing concept proved beyond a doubt that Sheba is more than just a special treat but the best choice on any given day of the week.  


Cats aren’t exactly renowned for their loyalty.  And, sadly, neither are their owners! At least not when it comes to pet food brands. And with the arrival of more and more private labels in the super premium segment, Sheba agreed with us that the best way to boost sales was to increase purchasing frequency amongst those already familiar with the brand. Sheba, they had to believe, is not just for special occasions but the ideal meal for every day of the week. 

What we did.

What was needed was a step in the opposite direction to previous campaigns that centred around expensive, large-format mailings with lengthy product descriptions and high-end photography. The solution was actually far more simple than that and beckoned the arrival of a whole new mailing concept: meal vouchers for cats! Each voucher is a discount coupon for a different Sheba product – 15 in all. The perfect occasion to discover new tastes (the cats, that is, not their owners) but most of all, to get the message across that Sheba is more than just a treat. It’s the ideal regular meal. 

What we got.

This simple, creative idea has since lead to long-term success for Sheba and Mars Belgium. The very low production costs mean that a larger circulation can be targeted. The campaign format was also exploited to give sister brand, Whiskas a helping hand. After all, if cat owners are going to switch brands as often as they do, it might as well be to an affiliate brand, right? 

  • 30% max. response rate on selected coupons
  • 22% average response rate over the entire campaign
  • 239% average ROI