All you need is SNOW.

At the start of 2013, KPN wanted to enter the market with revolutionary product where digital TV, fixed line and internet would be offered through a completely new à la carte system:

A simple triple play base package offering the things people use mostly:

  • 30Mb internet access with unlimited downloads
  • unlimited phone calls at peak time and during weekends
  • a base TV package with 32 digital TV channels with video on demand

Available extras people can pay (little) for in order to complete the total offering

  • digital TV channels (in a bouquet or chain specific)
  • extensions on one of the three products

Since you only pay for what you get, it makes the product extreme good value for money. It is also a smart proposition since it offers great base package that people can customize.

The new brand would be offered via the website or in BASE shops or ALLO telecom shops.


A multitude of things needed to be developed since KPN started from scratch:

  • a brand(name)
  • a baseline
  • a logo
  • a house style
  • interface for digital tv
  • a website
  • launch campaign in on- and offline media
  • all supporting elements for CRM, POS material,…

We needed to find a simple and clear way to 

  • install the new brand with as much buzz as possible
  • set them alongside the well known other competitors
  • make the product relevant for our target group and convince them to try it out

What we did.

A simple and clear product needed a similar baseline: "Only pay what you really want".

In a first phase, we wanted to tease and destabilize and get attention from national media and expert journalists. This in a fun and fresh way, as challenger would. We went to our three main competitors (Telenet, Belgacom and VOO) and put one hundred small snowmen in front of their head office, overnight. These little snowmen all carried slogans like "we want SNOW" and "all you need is SNOW". 

Press was informed about this action during the night. They were given a short press release with pictures about the action. This resulted in coverage in almost all newspapers and their online equivalents. Telenet even did a small yet sympathetic reaction.

Seems like @Telenet got some unexpected visitors this morning... #allyouneedisSNOW

@SNOWbelgium Inderdaad, leuk bezoek vanmorgen, maar voor hoe lang nog? ;) #dooi

Will @belgacom be as cool as @telenet in the Twitter battle with @SNOWbelgium ? #funconversations

@SNOWbelgium @Team_VooTV Snow is coming … But don't worry. We'll take care of you.

Together with this stunt, we used newspapers and a large outdoor network to differentiate us from the rest. In a sympathetic way we claimed that we offered 'triple play'.

Now that we had full attention, the public needed more information about the exact product. That's when we ran the image campaign which installed SNOW and its offer as the new player in triple play. At SNOW, you pay less because you only pay for what you really want, fully backed with big awareness guns as tv, outdoor, online (both social and bannering), POS and print ads.

In support of the launch campaign and image campaign, we built the SNOW product website. Just like the product itself the website is simple, clear, fully responsive (it nicely adapts to the device used to visit the site) and focused on discovery and conversion.

Everybody FamousGrey

Me, Myself and I: your experiences with telecom?

10 Oct 2012  — 77 answers

Which typical situation can you remember that perfect embodies your relationship with telecom? Which telecom operator do you use? What did you take into account when choosing your current operator? How would you convince me to sign up to the same provider? How and at what time could you be convinced to change telecom operator yourself?

How could people convince me to change; free activation with a new operator, cheaper and more flexible packs: I want a pack that lets me choose everything, I want, e.g., internet but also mobile browsing on my laptop, I don't want a fixed phone but I do want a mobile phone, but 30 text messages a month is enough and 20 minutes of calls, I use Skype a lot and so I don't make that many calls from my mobile, and my parents can always call me for free on their fixed line, and I can always use the fixed line at work. I also want TV, but maybe not so many channels, I only want to pay to watch één, VTM, Canvas, VT4 and 2B, then I don't have to pay for everything. I don't want to watch movies on demand.

smeys, female, 26

Above all, I guess I would be mainly convinced by a low price. One that always stays low. So not: you get a discount when you sign up and later on you pay three times as much. That's how it is a lot of the time and that really annoys me.

kellyfrancis, female, 22

What we got.

Unfortunately, since KPN is stock market listed, we can't say exactly how extremely fantastic these team efforts really were.