The Sunniest Campaign Ever?

Want to know how to get the attention of busy, hard-working people at leading advertising agencies, media centres and advertisers? Offer them the chance to escape their boring jobs with a non-stop flight to the sun. The sun! You know: that hot, bright, round thing in the sky you’ve read about in books. 


Thomas Cook Media offers amazing opportunities for advertisers, media centres and advertising agencies via their very successful travel brands Thomas Cook, Neckermann and Pegase. Problem no.1? Nobody knows about it! Problem no.2? The target group already suffers from an overdose of information. Problem no. 3? A very tight budget. 

What we did.

Sounds like a job for us! And our solution was simple but ingenious, if we do say so ourselves: invite the target group to experience the Thomas Cook holiday feeling first hand, with a media presentation on exotic Malta in the Mediterranean. Quite simply the “Sunniest Media Presentation Ever”! But not everyone go tan invitation just like that! Only the prospects with the palest skin could join, since they were obviously the ones who worked the hardest and stayed indoors the longest.

The message was spread via postal mailings, a travel agent and the Vespasius network, inviting prospects to submit photographic evidence of their accute lack of sun via the website (and in the meantime, discovering the huge range of media opportunities available within the Thomas Cook Group).

What we got.

The “Sunniest Media Presentation Ever” campaign generated a massive response rate and rewarded seven lucky duos with an all-expenses-paid trip to sunny Malta to discover the full range of media opportunities on offer at Thomas Cook Media. Bon voyage!